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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Carrots Obsessed Dessert/ Gajjar Halwa

Did I tell you all winter is my favorite season? The richness in food all wallow in cream, ghee and butter multiplying the cravings for the fondness of sugar, spice and ice! I love to dipper in ice creams, wee thimbleful of fresh soda's to enjoy this weather fullest. Where soups become the inevitable part to gorge on, sweets expanse the strong tradition in winters. That said, ghee or clarified butter is put in amply in utmost every recipe, in my family, because of its highly active gifted benefits in winter. 

I still dream of mama's special homemade fresh delicacies all dolled up in ghee, In India, big bowls of gajjar halwa (carrot halwa) is prominent particularly in winter, made from crisp and juicy red ruby carrots, they are distinct from the orange ones, they are soft and sweet and an almost fresh ones. Wait! You don't believe that this dessert is made with carrots, carrots and only carrots! And because it is made with such wholesome ingredients like milk, ghee and carrots! it's very filling.