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Friday, December 3, 2021

Oh So Healthy Chicken Zinger Burger!

Healthy Chicken Burger Recipe by

If you are bored of hogging usual moist and tender patty form of burgers, you have landed on the right site. Today, I am going to pass down the most likeable food recipe of my home, that is crispy and delicious zinger burger. I always wanted to add health points in this particular recipe due to its regular arrival on our dinner table. Avoiding all-purpose flour in most of the recipes doesn’t stop you from hogging fast food and it impacts the gut to the least. I have always kept a check on our consumption of unhealthy choices and instead of avoiding and controlling the cravings, I felt the need to change the nonessential elements into something better and healthy. So, if you are too looking out for something healthy yet toothsome then this recipe is definitely a delight.