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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

When Husband Treats Well Episode # 03 Hot Dogs

Scrummy Hot Dog

It’s been long I haven't shared my delectable recipes with my amazing The Hoggerz readers. I have decided to post recipes more often and put all recipes that are saved in archive list to NULL. Today’s recipe is the simplest form from The Hoggerz cookbook, its best bet for those who just want to hang loose and perform minimalist cooking for a while just like us.

Well, there are times when I am on a total cooking break and that’s when the inner chef in Hashim awakes. He has a great flair in making fast food miscellany and today’s recipe is no less. I love the way he takes over the kitchen in the most dexterous style possible. He knows the scope of every dish and tries to introduce it with great appeal and scrummy taste. I had no idea about the little chef that was shining inside him until when I got sick and he took care of everything like a pro. He tries to facilitate me with regular breaks - even when I have this minor flu, he knows how to manage everything pretty well without making it look huge.