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Thursday, May 31, 2018

From Playful Bunny To Dancing Hero!

Do you ever feel something is missing in your life? Have you ever felt bored or depressed at times? Despite of all the efforts you make to add entertainment in your life you yet feel hollow inside? Or it was just me! If you are one of me - let me give you a perfect partner that will help you to be yourself! 

Our world spins around our stunningly adorb bunny Nanu, she acts as an alarm and shows sign of life by 6 am in the morning by giving repetitive high jumps against a classic window. If this noisy trick doesn't work, then she will simply grip her water bowl in between her teeth and bang it against the floor, isn't she nimble witted enough? We generally do not prefer to cage her as for us she is our baby, creating an environment that facilitates bunnies is very much important to keep them stress free. Yes! they too get anxiety attacks when left alone and not given requisite attention. We always pamper her by giving her different goodies in the form of cucumber, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, whatever she demands after all she is the apple of my eye! Hashim loves to feed her all day and I embrace her fluffy cotton candy feels.

After all that's done, she enjoys her attractive piece of watermelon and certainly fresh greens with great joie de vivre, continuing to rest for a while and then her playful journey begins. All day, she investigates every corner of our house later, she will chomp on her chosen veggies and roll onto her back and sides for a comfortable nap. Then our favorite awaited time of the day is cherished and that's dancing, it uplifts our day into a lively and wonderful moment. 

Check out the glimpse of her dance. I bet you its a worth watching awe struck moment that will leave you electrified. Like or share this video - Choice is yours <3