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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Can Bitter Gourd taste Sweet?? YES!!!

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Since childhood, the only vegetable I enjoyed the most has been bitter gourd or karela is what we call. As soon as we hear the name karela! memory gets populated with a sense of its smell and taste of its bitterness. Eww! this is the only expression I have ever come across when it came to this particular veggie. I remember, nobody in our house used to like this one. It was only me and mama who used to relish every bite of it. Hashim always felt hesitant about this underdog veggie. But not anymore! one of the best things about our relationship is the diversity in tastes due to the difference in our cultures. On mama's side, the influences were veggies and little sweet versions of food. And his side, he takes pride in his pakistani cuisine and there were often differences in the name and etymology of certain dishes, for instance, hashim would call scrambled egg as anda ghotala, and I would call it egg bhurji and hashim would say, well it's the Indian version.

Friday, August 30, 2019

I love to cook!!! because he loves to eat ❤️!!– Daleem – Indian Manner

This is the dal chawal type of substitute for non-vegetarian because of all the light flavoring and nutritious elements cooked in one pot. Hashim loves to dig tandoori roti in a gooey mixture of lentils and meat. I definitely like roti more than its white flour constituting partner called naan. During my visit to Pakistan, I was quite fascinated by tandoors (the place where naans, roti’s and the countless types of Pakistani breads are made and sold). I have always watched the tandoor in fascination as the tandoor fellow would take a ball of dough, roll it out, slap it onto a solid cushion with a moistened surface which he would then lower into the oven to transfer the roti to the rounded wall of the oven in startlingly fast pace, the roti would cook on the heated wall swelling uneven in places with the pressure of the heat. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

That Instant Dhokla

white dhokla recipe
Served With Healthy Sambhar And Coconut Based Chutney

If you’re Gujju then you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not!! Welcome to my another post recipe that will surely blow your mind. What is dhokla?? No need to stress yourself, it’s not at all an IIM based interview question LOL Well! Don't get confused because of its heavily melodramatic name, dhokla is just another easy-to-go dish of Gujju community like other edibles such as khandvi, handvo (recipe already shared) but not at all Khakra! All the names sound like something powerful and dangerous, but believe me the look and feel is other way round. Coming back to the topic, what is dhokla?? Let’s have a sneak peek!! Dhokla comes in different colors and shapes namely, khaman dhokla, White dhokla, sandwich dhokla and what not! Some are famed for its protein rich factor, a few because of its flamboyant garnishing style, some of its healthy added elements and some because of its instant cooking modus operandi.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Mutton Chapli Kebabs

  Mutton Chapli Kebabs, kebab recipe

Mutton Chapli Kebabs

I always had this fascination to plunge into Asian cultures and traditions that lead to calmness inside me. Simplicity, antiques and ordinary things have always captivated my attention from all times. Those who have traveled with me knows that I get irresponsibly happy around sheep’s and donkeys. In Karachi, I stopped the car consistently to take photos of the sheep’s and donkeys grazing herds. “Donkeys” might not make a GREAT list for everyone but they did for me.