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Finally! I have created my Indian Food Blog.

Hi! I'm Manisha Merchant, born in Mumbai, India.

Coming from a Gujarati family - it honestly have an impact on my appetite. Of-course, the benefits are that I have tried various cuisine since I was a kid. When it came to eating I would tend to eat more like a King than like a Queen. No idea where all the food goes as it just vanishes once down my esophagus.

Eating food was very much easy but cooking it was really difficult task for me. I was a coach potato sort of person when it came to cooking. All i used to know is how to cook Maggie & nothing more. Cooking was not my cup of tea. My parents tried their level best to convince me into cooking regularly - fearing that one day I will starve my future husband & myself once married. My answer to this was that," I would hire chef's. Problem solved".

So how & why I decided to finally get into my kitchen & take the dive in cooking!! Well, it's because of long-distance marriage!! Sooner or later, we all miss the food made by our Mom's. I just wanted to eat about everything that appeared on Cooking shows. That's when I decided to learn & master cooking somewhat like my mom as Food is my life & it makes me & my hubby happy!.

My husband is my mega cheer-leader, he has always motivated me a lot in cooking which kept his poor tummy rumbling "initially". Sorry, for all the trouble your tummy had gone through "bland & uncooked" food. All credits goes to him & also to all the cooking shows which I have watched since my childhood.

I am a Recipe developer, Yoga Consultant and now a proud Food Blogger. Previously, I worked in renowned IT and Marketing world which was quite stressful. My interests in IT and marketing have landed me here to share my passion and love for food with you'll.

Me and my wonderful husband run this blog happily together so that we deliver well-written, easy-to-make, healthy and tested recipe's. We love to travel, shop and importantly eat and drink! Well, I mean healthy and fresh juices.

Believe me - It's awesome feeling when you get to eat as well as feed others what you cook. Especially food cooked with LOVE.

I know I speak a lot! Anyways, Stay around guys & keep checking The Hoggerz for interesting & yummy recipes if you're one of the Hoggerz.

I would love to be in touch with you'll. You can stay up-to date with us on Google+, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest  and Twitter or you can feel free to e-mail us anytime at

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Remember, If I can cook, so can you!
Keep Cooking With Love,
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