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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Shinwari Chicken Karahi

It was a hot night at the tail end of June. At shinwari restaurant, there was a queue of people waiting for their turn. Even in the heat people were happily eating outdoors, a sign that covid had transformed people’s behavior. Covid meant that there was minimal dining experience, so we ordered takeaway Chicken Karahi, dropping the idea of outdoor dining. That was my first taste of it, delicious, and since then I have been trying different ways to bring out my Karahi taste just like the taste served outside. This Pakistani Karahi is a pure treat for my husband. I cooked a vegan meal for myself and this karahi version only for him. I have added a few warm spices to the mix; a little coriander, cumin, flakes, pepper and all spice.

Friday, July 15, 2022

Soft Dahi Wadas

Dahi Wada Recipe by The Hoggerz,

Eid calls for outings on chaand raat to get stamps of heena on my palms, buying bangles and intense shopping and amazing food. The glittery bangles are always rough on my skin and clothing, so I prefer the plain matte kinds. There are boxes holding an array of multicolored bangles, illuminated by naked light bulbs suspended on a slim wire. I am not a person who makes multiple visits to the tailor to retrieve clothes that never get stitched on time. I and hashim dislike tailor troubles and this task requires a lot of patience, so we take a shorter route and buy the readymade attire for Eid. And my Eid day becomes a special day when hashim surprises me with fresh and perfumed jasmine bangles.

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Oil-Free, Instant Spongy Dosa


Oil-Free Rava Dosa Recipe by The Hoggerz,

Making dosa with only two ingredients is the easiest and the quickest way, eliminating the need to soak, grind and ferment overnight. This is a perfect summer recipe made with semolina and curd for a scrumptious dinner and a great addition to your breakfast table. You can also revamp it by adding mashed seasoned potatoes to the center of each dosa.