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Thursday, December 31, 2020

Butter Chicken – Mumbai Manner

Butter Loaded Chicken With Cream on Top
Butter Loaded Chicken With Cream on Top

Everyone has their own palate for butter chicken, some plump for sweet, other spicy and remaining its mild flavor. The taste of butter chicken in the outlets of Mumbai leans more towards a bit sweet side. Bademiya, delhi darbar or anywhere in Mumbai butter chicken always leave a classic mark on the taste buds of nonveg hoggerz. My husband dearest personally enjoys hogging this particular because of its authentic and peculiar sauce coated around the crispy fried chicken. He is not a big fan of curries, but this unique dish has always captivated his interest. I believe in treating my husband with the crown, so whenever he is not around I swing to markup my menu with a sapid pattern of recipes so that when he is back home, he finds the dinner table full of goodness. I think the sauce of butter chicken taste closer to paneer masala curry whereas the chunks of chicken taste alike chicken tandoori fried version. This recipe is next to ordering from your favorite restaurant, to make this, I used boneless chicken, simmered with cashews, and ample of dairy products, it just couldn’t be any easier.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Methi Thepla Rolls – Indian Breakfast Recipe

Methi Thepla Rolls Recipe

Gujarati food takes in a lot of effort for full flavored and a healthful bracket of meal. To include all the food groups throughout the day, gujarati cuisine demands prior preparation for the jaw dropping outcome. Adding muthias in veggies to bring out the additional punch in veg dishes or adding dhoklis in greens to make the dish look extra appealing and appetizing or transforming the boring looking lentils into a process of spongy and peng varieties of dhoklas, this is all the effort and vision it takes.

I missed eating mama’s magical food, so it made sense to make a batch of methi theplas at home and have them with milky cardamom tea while watching endless runs of the news switching between CNN, NBC, FOX and Sky. Methi meaning fenugreek leaves and thepla are basically flatbread version of spicy elements moved together to form a delicious and soft roll of methi thepla. I’ve been dying to test out these thepla rolls, a childhood favorite of mine and they exceeded my expectation. The yogurt is used in my thepla dough and as they are loaded with protein that keeps you full longer. They are a great addition to get your daily intake of greens.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Vegetable Fried Rice and Chinese Chicken Gravy

Fried Rice and Chinese Chicken Recipe by
Vegetable Fried Rice with Chinese Chicken Gravy

If you’re new to my website, welcome to The Hoggerz and I hope that you’re enjoying my reads as much as I enjoy framing my writes.  Else, you’ve followed me for a while, you must be having a fair idea that I follow two opposite menus while I prepare eatables for me and hashim. So, today was the meal that fits on two sides of flavors and they taste spot on when combined together. If you’re looking out for veg as well as non-veg mixture of nutrition than you can try our today’s Chinese special platter, where you can simply end up eating plain vegetable fried rice with Schezwan sauce or with Chinese chicken gravy.

The flavors of Chinese oozing from the chicken bites and the aroma of veggies complements perfectly with the Chinese sauce. Chinese chicken gravy is the simplest Chinese recipe - as it plays around with four main ingredients without any fancy addition of seasonings. Wherein, cooked rice when thrown up with captivating veggies adds an extra touch to the overall dish. Doesn’t it sound easy and interesting at the same time, so without a much ado let’s begin with the makings.