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Friday, August 21, 2020

Potatoes Stuffed Flatbread / Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha recipe by
Aloo Paratha with Mint + Yogurt Dip

Parathas are basically an Indian version of flatbread made from wheat flour or all purpose flour. Kneading the flour with water and ghee brings out the final output into silky finish, smooth touch and soft texture. In Indian houses, flatbreads are regularly eaten with any vegetable or chicken curry, due to which it becomes necessary to revamp the normal food recipes into something delightful, good looking and awesome in order to uphold the charm of food appearance on the table.

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Dance on the tunes of rain with a plate of yummy vegetable fritters in one hand and cuppa chai in another hand!! / Vegetable Pakodas Recipe

Vegetable pakoda recipe, aloo pakoda recipe
Aloo Pakodas with Mix Vegetable Pakodas

It’s raining!! And how can we Asians forget to enjoy the scented air and cool breeze without any fried edibles especially our top listed pakodas or fritters. Rain has always been a sense of celebration for Asians and we never forget to express it through the means of inviting food. Since the time I am with Hashim, we have always spent most of our moments at the beach enjoying the drops of nature. Sometimes, having crunchy chunks of sliced guava with a dash of chat masala powder and salt. Or relishing the roasted flavored corn – the corn seller has a pile of raw corns and he would quickly peel the dried sunny leaves of the corn and give it a quick toss on the deep bottom pan filled with heated charcoal for a natural roasting process. The gentle warmness oozing out from charcoal fire surrounds us in no time. The entire mechanism is fitted perfectly to his mobile selling cart. The fragrance of fresh roasting of corns complementing with the smell of rain has been just the best part of the entire happenings. Mr. Seller would then slice a fresh piece of lemon and rub it thoroughly over the warm roasted corn with a few species and do some recycling by using the corn husk as the perfect replacement of serving plate. He would place the hot roasted corn on its dried leaves so that we enjoy its warmness without expressing the kick of burn. Munching corns by the side of sea view is all what we look for. I have also uploaded a short video clip of spicy corn that I had tried at some mall and the sweet corn kernels were perfectly boiled and flavored. For its live recipe you can click on the highlighted link!

Monday, August 3, 2020

BBQ Meat Delights

Barbecue Meat Delights

Barbecuing meat, chicken or fish can certainly not go wrong for the most part when you are running out of some ingredients. Gathering all the spices into the thick yogurt and whisking it for a perfect creamy blend is all this recipe needs. There are days when I am completely busy and don’t have enough hours to cook two separate main dishes for two of us. One dish is obviously delicious aromatic non veg cuisine for him while another is a healthy version of veggies for me and of course a side kick dish for him.