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Saturday, August 20, 2022

A cordial made with split chickpeas and bottle gourd

Lauki and Chana Dal Recipe by The Hoggerz

There is a light in the sky beyond the layers of cloud, maybe this is a contrast to the evening sky like a slate. I always have a bag of lentils at hand and this is a bright colored curry that is full of flavors and memory. This dish is what I make when I am missing my parents and Mumbai so very much. On most days, time goes by, work lends the day structure marking the territory between the week and its end. But the bad days have been bad, and I have been feeling the distance and being unable to see my dear ones.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Salubrious Soya Chunks

Soya Chunks Recipe by The Hoggerz

I make veg recipes in so many ways, especially since I’m Indian, my husband’s Pakistani, my family is a melting pot, and our different ethnic cuisines inspire a lot of my recipes, which are often a fusion of all these cultures. Soya chunks, also known as soya beans, are a delicious version of meat bites, they are a quick, easy and healthy dish that demands minimal prep and not much hands-on cooking time, making it pretty easy to pull together when you’re in hurry yet looking for something flavorsome to eat.

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Shinwari Chicken Karahi

It was a hot night at the tail end of June. At shinwari restaurant, there was a queue of people waiting for their turn. Even in the heat people were happily eating outdoors, a sign that covid had transformed people’s behavior. Covid meant that there was minimal dining experience, so we ordered takeaway Chicken Karahi, dropping the idea of outdoor dining. That was my first taste of it, delicious, and since then I have been trying different ways to bring out my Karahi taste just like the taste served outside. This Pakistani Karahi is a pure treat for my husband. I cooked a vegan meal for myself and this karahi version only for him. I have added a few warm spices to the mix; a little coriander, cumin, flakes, pepper and all spice.