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Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Dairy Free Fruit Salad Medley

Mix Fruit Salad by The Hoggerz

Wonderful salad for snacking, this is a great raw and naturally tasty alternative. Sweet, crunchy fruits topped with crushed walnuts and almonds are perfect lactose-free treat. I usually love the chill weather, seeing the leaves change colors and fruits showing up with its wonderful aroma in the air and all the wonderful things we can do when the weather cools. The fruit salad is perfect season gift as its light, requires no cooking, absolutely delicious and so addicting. You can use whichever fruit your heart desires! No dependency on any season. I love to make this particular one, again and again, because they are easy to make, and not too sweet.

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Green Peas and Ridge Gourd

Matar Curry And Turai Curry Recipe by The Hoggerz

Both separately cooks in under 30-minutes from start to tummy! These veggies give a deeper taste when added in a velvety sauce. Peas are my favorite; I have TONS of other wonderful Peas Recipes in the search box. These two recipes are very nutritious and so delicious! They are a good source of fiber, and veggies during winters are loaded with freshness and full of vitamins and minerals. Although I don’t want winter to end, I am looking ahead to more variation of vegetable dishes and vegan soups. The aromatic curry is Indian inspired, made with phenomenal spices. It cooks quickly and all in one pan, making it an excellent choice for an easy lunch on a busy day.