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Friday, December 3, 2021

Oh So Healthy Chicken Zinger Burger!

Healthy Chicken Burger Recipe by

If you are bored of hogging usual moist and tender patty form of burgers, you have landed on the right site. Today, I am going to pass down the most likeable food recipe of my home, that is crispy and delicious zinger burger. I always wanted to add health points in this particular recipe due to its regular arrival on our dinner table. Avoiding all-purpose flour in most of the recipes doesn’t stop you from hogging fast food and it impacts the gut to the least. I have always kept a check on our consumption of unhealthy choices and instead of avoiding and controlling the cravings, I felt the need to change the nonessential elements into something better and healthy. So, if you are too looking out for something healthy yet toothsome then this recipe is definitely a delight.

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Comfy Food | Black Lentils Stew | Adad Ni Dal

Black Split Lentil Stew, Gujarati Dal recipe by The Hoggerz

Lately, I have tweaked my meal portions by inviting different kinds of lentils. I think its predominant to add various nutrients to balance the inner state of mind and body. As whatever we eat is directly proportional to the overall being of our body.

Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Mango Treat - Aam Ras | Keri No Ras

Yum Yum Aam Ras Recipe By
Aam Ras substantially means mango loaded treat and whenever I think of this fruit I always gainsay with two things. In Hindi, Aam the word itself means “like ordinary”, and on the contrary Mangoes are also said to be the King of fruits. Secondly, I ween that every fruit is a King as it holds its own goodness and splendid taste. Fruits attract me through its vibrant color, soothing smell and of course its mind blowing taste. I like better to chew fruits instead of blending them so that I can relish its unique taste in every bite. Forbye chewing chunks of fruit means adding fiber, which is ultimately more beneficial than ever. But, there is no harm in getting a kick of it in the form of smoothie, juices or simply as a fruit yogurt.

Tuesday, June 29, 2021

When Husband Treats Well Episode # 03 Hot Dogs

Scrummy Hot Dog

It’s been long I haven't shared my delectable recipes with my amazing The Hoggerz readers. I have decided to post recipes more often and put all recipes that are saved in archive list to NULL. Today’s recipe is the simplest form from The Hoggerz cookbook, its best bet for those who just want to hang loose and perform minimalist cooking for a while just like us.

Well, there are times when I am on a total cooking break and that’s when the inner chef in Hashim awakes. He has a great flair in making fast food miscellany and today’s recipe is no less. I love the way he takes over the kitchen in the most dexterous style possible. He knows the scope of every dish and tries to introduce it with great appeal and scrummy taste. I had no idea about the little chef that was shining inside him until when I got sick and he took care of everything like a pro. He tries to facilitate me with regular breaks - even when I have this minor flu, he knows how to manage everything pretty well without making it look huge.

Friday, May 14, 2021

Eid Special Signature Biryani

Spice Coated Mutton Biryani Recipe by The Hoggerz
Spice Coated Mutton Biryani

Its Eid!! And it has to be mutton biryani and sheer kurrma. Me and Hashim are not sheer kurrma addicts hence the replacement of it is always gulab jamun and chocolate pudding. Rice is that one dish that brightens the level of festivity. And what can be better than a gentle dose of luxurious biryani. I always try to prepare Eid meals with all its statement dishes like biryani, barbecues and of course lots of salads. As we are a family of two, we both have a ball in planning 3 days Eid meals consisting of desi platter, and others days with fast food and italian meals to add zing in Eid celebrations.

Friday, May 7, 2021

Colors of 100+ Recipes and a different version of Boneless Mutton Biryani

Boneless Mutton Biryani recipe by The Hoggerz

A collection of 100 plus recipes surprises me – why? because it wasn’t my game. Those who are linked to me since my life journey are cognizant of the gospel that cooking food was miles away and I never had this avidity for cooking. Fortunately, growing up in a highly-educated family where the pack is filled with engineers, my pre wedded life was centric mainly with academic work. When I look back, instead I had not even picked up the glass of water nor I knew how to make breakfast. I could best do is sit and hog happily, but I never considered myself cooking. Mama and Papa would encourage us to excel in medical or computer field and it was constant throughout my career process until I got married.

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tea-Time Snack – Golden Stuffed Chilies

Stuffed Chilies Recipe

Indian food illuminates its culture through its appearance partnering with its taste and smell. When you look at its color, you’ll largely notice ruby tone richness in curries, rice variants, barbeque or anything that is being served. If in case, the food misses the hint of redness – it is even out by the addition of green chilies in the form of a paste or uncut. Red or green pepper has always been the hero of all flavoring in Indian viands. Nothing goes out humdrum with the addition of peppers as chilies add life to Indian food. We tend to concoct and intensify Italian or Chinese food recipes with our desi touch by adding extra spice to the original dish. We always consider to carry tabasco sauce in our purse to quell the shock of bland food being served elsewhere outside India!

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Scrumptious Stuffed Okra / Bharela Bhinda

Vibrant Green Okra
Vibrant Green Okra

Cooking is an art that involves time and forbearance for the perfect balance of excellence and taste. I was wondering, does anyone feel as infuriated as I do about the sequence of cooking a dish and uncover on a plate without touching its limitations. Even a tiny herb can't be settled for less, I find that when edibles are cooked together in a certain way it brings out the x-factor of its own. This thought reminds me of Ratatouille – who is one of those characters who won't hog anything without checking its parameters. Why should we deal with the beautiful nature of goodies with a flat taste when the same item can be transformed into a delectable dose of happiness? Food doesn't call for exceptional ingredients, even an ordinary spice can change the flavor if cooked in a right proportion and approach.

Friday, March 26, 2021

Dill Leaves Dhokli

Dill Dhokli

Dill leaves when dropped in salad, curries or soup strengthens the overall spirit of nourishment. They are piled up with different nutrients adding value to our pink health. They taste excellent when added in keema or minced meat, Hashim enjoys the hint of its flavor in minced keema with pav which is the form of soft bread from inside and crispy layer from outside. If you want to dedicate the entire dish to this greens, there is a little trick - You can merely chop the leaves and toss together with few Indian seasonings or join my orbit and deliver this simple looking recipe into something rare and stunning.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Breakfast diaries - Yum Yum Old-Fashioned Doughnuts

 Soft - Yummy Doughnuts by The Hoggerz

This and chicken bread was our conclusion for our sunday breakfast. The husband and I have had several weeks of relentless work and entertainment. So it was with much joy that we had a slowdown weekend. Golden hour: The bright sun woke us early, we headed to brisk walking following with our yoga regime. Hashim craved for little cookie or a moderate piece of donut so I went straight to my kitchen and prepared these chocolate glazed donuts after all what counts is how you start your day.  It is one of Hashimz favorites, consistently delicious with excellent services *ofcourse. It is very simple to make and delicious way to start your day. The lamination on it is a pure art and we washed it down with latte which made it more alive and of course our last episode of Supernatural. We have held this season for so long, mainly because we didn’t wanted to be a part of the show’s shutter down. Throughout the episode, I was wondering where did the dog go! Also the finale was very much truncated without the existence of Crawly and his epic dialogue – “Hello Boys”, wherein the boys had a terrific ending. Despite all of this, GoT last scene similar iteration made easy for us to get the hang of the loose ends.

Monday, March 8, 2021

Easy to Go Munching Edible – Pan Fried Chivda

My home city Mumbai - celebrates all the festivities of life, and with that comes different options of farsan like chakli, bhakarwadi, gathiya, soya sticks, aloo bhujia, khakra, karanjis, various versions of chrunchy chiwda like farali chivda, corn flakes chivda, sago pearls chivda, poha chivda and lots more. Chivda is a great addictive and simple snack, loaded with iron, fiber, carbohydrates so it’s a win win. I personally love to nibble chivda when I’m bored or I want something to just keep me going.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Arabic Coffee

Arabic Coffee Recipe, Coffee Recipe

When it comes to tea or coffee, I usually turn my side towards nice cuppa milky ginger tea. But, due to my unfriendly relation with milk, many a time I have to put a brake and decide on watery options like black tea or black coffee. Black tea doesn't add excitement to my morning routine, although I am a tea person, tea without milk is just like experiencing winter without snowflakes.

Thursday, February 11, 2021

Melange Filled Crispy Shells / Dahi Puri

Crispy Bites - Dahi Puri

If you relish making pani puris at home, you will barely rue in trying these crispy bites of complete flavors. There are countless ways of making dahi puri, but I’m going to impart the most authentic Mumbai style recipe of dahi puri. Pani puris are mostly liquid filled goodies, which are supposed to be gulped down in one go whereas dahi puri is a thick yogurt based salpicon that gives you a chance to delay those bites. Whenever, we are done with our conventional menu, we try to blow away the cobwebs by simply inviting this light, tasty and pleasant bubbles of goodness. I tend to make this recipe without any second thought as it holds a pinch of sour, well balanced sweetness, restrained spice taste and above all it is crunchy delight.