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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Chicken Dim Sum | Chicken Momos

Dimsum or Momos Recipe by The Hoggerz,

I cannot think of a certain cuisine or culture with no version of chicken soup. Folk medicine and chicken soup have a symbolic relationship because every mother or granny I have known always recommends chicken soup or dal rice as the restorative technique for coughs and colds. I must admit I am not too keen on plain yakhni soup as have to drink mugs of flavorsome broth while other soothing foods are time-consuming. I would rather shortlist the dim sum with some suggestions – Hashim fancies the dumpling with chicken and fresh veggies wrapped and steamed which would also be my choice. So when either of us is going through a slow recovery from cold or fever we would prefer to hog steamed dim sum, as they are super delicious, oil-free and the perfect fix for reduced appetite.