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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Ultimate Yummy Chicken

Fried Chicken Recipe
Yummy Chicken!!

This dish perfectly fits the title, if you are non veg hogger – this one is highly recommended chicken recipe for you. I am placing the word “highly” in the spotlight because its indeed the yummiest and unique chicken recipe that I accidentally tried and hashim enjoyed every bite of it. The chicken comes out so moist and charmingly moreish, due to the essence of Indian spices and touch of yogurt. The dish is quite simple, which is why it is great for busy kitchen queens. Frying the chicken in a hot oil means you get evenly cooked – juicy chicken and still have crispy top, without putting a lot of effort. Serve it as a starter or make a large portion and serve hot with crispy wheat paratha's or with brown rice, or just have it plain– they are much more exciting than an average chicken recipe. It is surely fulfilling, but not at all satisfying.

Best part? This recipe doesn’t necessitate all-purpose flour usage or anything that is unhealthy to munch, it takes 8 minutes and above all it is finger licking good!