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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Tea-Time Snack – Golden Stuffed Chilies

Stuffed Chilies Recipe

Indian food illuminates its culture through its appearance partnering with its taste and smell. When you look at its color, you’ll largely notice ruby tone richness in curries, rice variants, barbeque or anything that is being served. If in case, the food misses the hint of redness – it is even out by the addition of green chilies in the form of a paste or uncut. Red or green pepper has always been the hero of all flavoring in Indian viands. Nothing goes out humdrum with the addition of peppers as chilies add life to Indian food. We tend to concoct and intensify Italian or Chinese food recipes with our desi touch by adding extra spice to the original dish. We always consider to carry tabasco sauce in our purse to quell the shock of bland food being served elsewhere outside India!