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Monday, December 31, 2018

Garlic Potato French Fries

Garlic Potato French Fries

This is the most beloved thing for VEG eaters!!! Potatoes are said to be the hearty vegetable for everyone who hasn't tasted meat yet. People like me, always look after this versatile veggie when nothing is available in kitchen. Be it curry, fried goodies, for stuffing or simply mashed potatoes - the generous amount of it brings life and happiness to the dinner table. Little did I know that McDonald french fries would add gleam and sparkle in my eyes and two fold my love for potatoes. I would always fly like butterfly whenever am nearby the outlet of McDonald, its light and crispy french fries has always captured my attention.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Classic Cinnamon Rolls - Mouth Watering Recipe and more !!

Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Karachi has stretched its new sectors, from china port to outwards towards the charna island. I feel the change palpably on couple of annual visits. There is a new network of roads, a proliferation of malls too. What I love about the city is the call of variety of food not restricted only towards Pakistani and Indian food but at my surprise I cram my trip with list of cuisines. December is a lovely time to visit, but I prefer warm days coaxing flowers to bloom, trumpet flowers hung heavy with their fragrance, in my father in-laws garden, we had many cups of afternoon tea and late lunches in the garden. How can I forget that mama in-law made her signature biryani of chicken along with fruit custard and of course sight seeing, the latter often makes me feel like a tourist.

Hashim and I woke up early on Sunday to drive to the mall of Karachi. We had wanted to take pictures of the ancient buildings and museums. Karachi malls are the namesake of the mall in Dubai, it has existed because of the impressive and stunning architectural talent in the locals of Pashtun laborer, worth exploring to witness a piece of dubai. We ended our morning excursion on a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, chocochip waffles and frappuccino (Clifton city). The place we picked was tranquil and capacious, cinnabon rolls came out in a tray of their own in a steady rhythm. They were surprisingly good in a way soft bread rolled in flavors with delicate frosting all over the top, nothing can smell as good as freshly baked cinnabon rolls. If I am given an option to select the soft rolls or Hermes bag, I would choose these rolls! we were addicted to it, afterwards we had inviting waffles and came along candy ice cream! 

Check our video and enjoy the goodness with us. Don't forget to subscribe us for more mouth watering food. We always try to capture and upload a piece of our memory on You Tube so that later we both can laugh together and re-live those amazing moments again. We tend to forget to shoot at most times but we always try to click, click and click. Hope you guys too enjoy watching a small part of us!

Classic Cinnamon Rolls and much more to watch!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Fasting, Feasting, Fun - Chicken Wonton and many more...

Chicken Wonton

In our house, we rejoice an array of vivid vibrant festivities altogether coming from India and Pakistan, This month is something sparkling maybe because this festival is very much ebullient to my hubby dearest. The month of joy, celebration, family and friends - it cares not whether there are loose bonds or unfinished business, its a month to pray together, eat together and laugh together. I have come to love the fasting and feasting days of the month Ramadan. These days, I'm indulging in preparing amazing meal plans for Hashim so that he finds interesting elements during Suhoor and Iftar by freezing his favorite eatables, where malpura and different kebabs make a routine visit joining with awesome chocolate custard or fruit custard. For custard recipes simply click on the highlighted links. I prefer making stuffed samosa's, wontons, spring rolls, cheesy peri-peri bites, cheese balls, kebabs at home to have a check on its hygiene and nutritive value, it's not only health-friendly but it comes with a larger batch than the ready-made one's. In our house, everyone just savors its taste. Even if it's frozen for days the taste and texture remain flawless.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

From Playful Bunny To Dancing Hero!

Do you ever feel something is missing in your life? Have you ever felt bored or depressed at times? Despite of all the efforts you make to add entertainment in your life you yet feel hollow inside? Or it was just me! If you are one of me - let me give you a perfect partner that will help you to be yourself! 

Our world spins around our stunningly adorb bunny Nanu, she acts as an alarm and shows sign of life by 6 am in the morning by giving repetitive high jumps against a classic window. If this noisy trick doesn't work, then she will simply grip her water bowl in between her teeth and bang it against the floor, isn't she nimble witted enough? We generally do not prefer to cage her as for us she is our baby, creating an environment that facilitates bunnies is very much important to keep them stress free. Yes! they too get anxiety attacks when left alone and not given requisite attention. We always pamper her by giving her different goodies in the form of cucumber, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, spinach, whatever she demands after all she is the apple of my eye! Hashim loves to feed her all day and I embrace her fluffy cotton candy feels.

After all that's done, she enjoys her attractive piece of watermelon and certainly fresh greens with great joie de vivre, continuing to rest for a while and then her playful journey begins. All day, she investigates every corner of our house later, she will chomp on her chosen veggies and roll onto her back and sides for a comfortable nap. Then our favorite awaited time of the day is cherished and that's dancing, it uplifts our day into a lively and wonderful moment. 

Check out the glimpse of her dance. I bet you its a worth watching awe struck moment that will leave you electrified. Like or share this video - Choice is yours <3

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Gujarati Special Undhiyu


We made Undhiyu for the first time, the triune of sweet, spicy and tangy gave their appearance in the most welcoming and cherished form, most of the veggies were used to excel the homemade undhiyu and Hashim was busy boiling water with fresh lemongrass to gusto tisane, our rabbit nanu has a penchant for greens and he too feasted on the fresh brought greens before the actual makings, despite of all this, the greens kept giving, It's our Gujarati's affinity and memories from the virtual world informed, it is simplest of meal and that was regular at paterfamilias table, my food philosophy is to eat seasonal and maintain a moderate portion control, and this one is what I mean, I truly mean! One bite will take you to the valley of felicity and you'll want to make it all long. It's LOADED with veggies in every bite and finished with much craved muthiya's meaning fenugreek fritters and amazing touch of banana's. Hell yes! twisting combo of garden fresh veggies, delicate fritters and BANANAs, so good and picky husband approved.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Beguiling Pav bhaji or Vegetable Euphoria!

pav bhaji recipe

I have always loved veggies from all the manifest corners of my soul, it brings joy, sparkles and happiness inside and around me, every string of my contentment is interlinked with the goodness of seasonal greens. What blooms my countenance are the idyllic evocations chained to every simple recipe connecting my lady love "my mama". She is a complete divine seraphic when it comes to cooking, I have always tried to add her feel, emotions and love in my veg dishes and luckily I have won the affinity of my beloved one's like she does! Today I am going to please you all with this yummy thick and immensely nutritive recipe assembled from fresh and beautiful vivid veggies. We call it Pav Bhaji as the bhaji meaning the mashed vegetable curry ideally gets served with absolute amount of Amul butter and ladle out hot without failing to miss the amount of embellishments like flavorful cilantro, crunchy onions and little amount of lemon juice all over the top, this recipe goes amazingly well with pav meaning soft buns. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Finger Fish Delight

Finger Fish Delight

I hope everyone had a groovy holiday week! We were away for a family vacay, so I'm little late this year. To help you restrain your goals for 2018, I am sharing another kids-friendly and freezer friendly sapid dish you can enjoy with no endeavour. You can even daub the fish strips and prepare them night before but, I prefer this recipe freshly done.I love the inside softness of its flesh that totally melts in the mouth giving the lovely and pleasant taste of aromatic spices, worthy of each bite. I love to dive in the pool of fish dishes, perfect for non-veg hoggerz who love their meal on platter in no time, and you can count this recipe as one. Easily coated with breadcrumbs and not to mention the minimum level of elements fishes asks for. Fishes fried with out without spices, they taste stupendously better anyways.