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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Classic Cinnamon Rolls - Mouth Watering Recipe and more !!

Classic Cinnamon Rolls

Karachi has stretched its new sectors, from china port to outwards towards the charna island. I feel the change palpably on couple of annual visits. There is a new network of roads, a proliferation of malls too. What I love about the city is the call of variety of food not restricted only towards Pakistani and Indian food but at my surprise I cram my trip with list of cuisines. December is a lovely time to visit, but I prefer warm days coaxing flowers to bloom, trumpet flowers hung heavy with their fragrance, in my father in-laws garden, we had many cups of afternoon tea and late lunches in the garden. How can I forget that mama in-law made her signature biryani of chicken along with fruit custard and of course sight seeing, the latter often makes me feel like a tourist.

Hashim and I woke up early on Sunday to drive to the mall of Karachi. We had wanted to take pictures of the ancient buildings and museums. Karachi malls are the namesake of the mall in Dubai, it has existed because of the impressive and stunning architectural talent in the locals of Pashtun laborer, worth exploring to witness a piece of dubai. We ended our morning excursion on a breakfast of cinnamon rolls, chocochip waffles and frappuccino (Clifton city). The place we picked was tranquil and capacious, cinnabon rolls came out in a tray of their own in a steady rhythm. They were surprisingly good in a way soft bread rolled in flavors with delicate frosting all over the top, nothing can smell as good as freshly baked cinnabon rolls. If I am given an option to select the soft rolls or Hermes bag, I would choose these rolls! we were addicted to it, afterwards we had inviting waffles and came along candy ice cream! 

Check our video and enjoy the goodness with us. Don't forget to subscribe us for more mouth watering food. We always try to capture and upload a piece of our memory on You Tube so that later we both can laugh together and re-live those amazing moments again. We tend to forget to shoot at most times but we always try to click, click and click. Hope you guys too enjoy watching a small part of us!

Classic Cinnamon Rolls and much more to watch!

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