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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Tantalizing Food { Mix Veggies + Yellowish Khichdi + Stuffed Bullet Peppers }

My super favorite combo of food. Its summer time and all I look for something light and healthy with a zing of spice. Khichdi is always a great option when it comes to something soothing, Previously, I had also shared another recipe of khichdi made with the amalgamation of split moong beans and rice. The only difference between this particular dish is that it comprises of red lentils and rice that are not excessively cooked together on a slow heat. The rice granules are prepared closely like we make normal white rice. That’s it.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Mama's Savory Cake Recipe - Khatta Dhokla

dhokla recipe, khatta dhokla recipe
Khatta meaning sour in gujju language and dhokla means steamed and spongy cake concoct through fermentation. Gujjus are die-hard food fanatics for the most part when it is dhoklas. Yellow dhoklas are eaten conventionally and cooked most of the times at my home in Mumbai be it as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Yellow dhokla comes in two forms, if we talk about the taste – the sweet ones are the Khaman dhokla and another is Khatta dhokla which is totally opposite from the taste of the Khaman. I have also shared the recipe of White dhokla that does not necessitate fermentation.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Red Sauce Cheesy Pasta - Episode #1 Husband Treats Well

Red Sauce Shells Pasta recipe
Its Ramadan and most of us are busy in treating our families with different delicacies. As we are a family of two, it gets really difficult to decide and cook. Particularly because Hashim leans towards pakistani desi tadka and I fancy Indian-gujju food. From Sehri to Iftari I am on my toes planning and cooking something unique, exciting and soothing at the same time. In fried food, I prefer freezer-friendly recipes, I basically make keema samosas, wontons, spring rolls, chicken donuts, bihari kebabs, and of course cheesy peri peri bites and store them in advance of Ramadan in deep freezer. It saves time, energy and gives some sort of relief in this hot summer. Once all set frozen, it's super easy to fry them in batches each day in Sehri or Iftar. Apart from this, my likings for Pakodas and chocolate filled brownies too give regular appearance on our iftar table. After hogging a lot of yummy delights, all I look is for a hot cuppa ginger tea and a serene environment to relax my mood. Seeing me working all day long, Hashim decided to give me a break from cooking chaos and surprise me with something amazing.