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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Carrots Obsessed Dessert/ Gajjar Halwa

Did I tell you all winter is my favorite season? The richness in food all wallow in cream, ghee and butter multiplying the cravings for the fondness of sugar, spice and ice! I love to dipper in ice creams, wee thimbleful of fresh soda's to enjoy this weather fullest. Where soups become the inevitable part to gorge on, sweets expanse the strong tradition in winters. That said, ghee or clarified butter is put in amply in utmost every recipe, in my family, because of its highly active gifted benefits in winter. 

I still dream of mama's special homemade fresh delicacies all dolled up in ghee, In India, big bowls of gajjar halwa (carrot halwa) is prominent particularly in winter, made from crisp and juicy red ruby carrots, they are distinct from the orange ones, they are soft and sweet and an almost fresh ones. Wait! You don't believe that this dessert is made with carrots, carrots and only carrots! And because it is made with such wholesome ingredients like milk, ghee and carrots! it's very filling.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Soupy Maggie Noodles

Tried and nibbled Maggie noodles from the divergent belt of mores, but none can beat the taste maker of Indian Maggie noodles. Kick of sour tang, punch of spicy flavor is what always let me down in noodles resulting in disillusion of choices, maybe this is the reason why my hands are always on the Indian masala Maggie noodles considering its minimal taste in spices and perfect makings of noodles with any blends of veggies. I usually love the cotton soft and gentle spirals that melts quickly in my mouth, curls with amazing mild piquancy, savoriness and loving taste of garlic and flavorsome cilantro balances well with sliced onions and other set of refreshing veggies of course

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Edible Pani Puri Shots

This crunchy bubble shaped snack filled with chickpea and other saucy toppings along with some manner of spicy and flavorful drink brings freshness in my life. Small restaurants oft serve them with the addition of mash potatoes and boiled sprouts or crunchy boondi with chilled and spicy drink. Our sojourn took us to the curvaceous roads in search of this dainty goodie, we stopped for snacking on the way to Jumeirah beach. Hashim found the restaurant on the motorway, we sat on the veranda in bright sunlight. The food was so simple and fresh, that was the loved meal that made me travel down the road to the memory lane of Mumbai.