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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Gujarati Special Undhiyu


We made Undhiyu for the first time, the triune of sweet, spicy and tangy gave their appearance in the most welcoming and cherished form, most of the veggies were used to excel the homemade undhiyu and Hashim was busy boiling water with fresh lemongrass to gusto tisane, our rabbit nanu has a penchant for greens and she too feasted on the fresh brought greens before the actual makings, despite of all this, the greens kept giving, It's our Gujarati's affinity and memories from the virtual world informed, it is simplest of meal and that was regular at paterfamilias table, my food philosophy is to eat seasonal and maintain a moderate portion control, and this one is what I mean, I truly mean! One bite will take you to the valley of felicity and you'll want to make it all long. It's LOADED with veggies in every bite and finished with much craved muthiya's meaning fenugreek fritters and amazing touch of banana's. Hell yes! twisting combo of garden fresh veggies, delicate fritters and BANANAs, so good and picky husband approved.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Pakistani vs Indian Food Reaction | Husband vs Wife | Pakistani Chicken Tikka vs Indian Masala Dosa

If you are following us for a while, you must be knowing our love for different tangents of food. As you all know I am extremely selective when it comes to non-veg food eating, on the other hand, Hashim, too isn't very fond of veg cuisine. Our runaways from the choices of cross border cuisines has always pushed to convince each other to try different delicacies in order to shut down our contrasting choices and this habit has been on our daily top to-do-list.

To end this up, we have finally decided to shuffle our plates and taste any of our highly preferable food items, as Hashim enjoys eating different versions of BBQ chicken so he has decided to pass on the taste of Karachi's famous BBQ dish "Chicken Tikka". As my love for south Indian food is evergreen, I have managed to make him try the yummiest "Masala Dosa" for now. I am sure many of you love these two classic dishes, manifestly India and Pakistan has the same style of food! As it's our first time, lets see how much we relish each-other's amazing meal plan. Watch this video for Indo-Pak food reaction and let us know your take too!

Pakistani vs Indian Food Reaction | Husband vs Wife | Pakistani Chicken Tikka vs Indian Masala Dosa

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Starring : Hashim Merchant & Manisha Merchant

Monday, February 12, 2018

Beguiling Pav bhaji or Vegetable Euphoria!

Beguiling Pav bhaji or Vegetable Euphoria!

I have always loved veggies from all the manifest corners of my soul, it brings joy, sparkles and happiness inside and around me, every string of my contentment is interlinked with the goodness of seasonal greens. What blooms my countenance are the idyllic evocations chained to every simple recipe connecting my lady love "my mama". She is a complete divine seraphic when it comes to cooking, I have always tried to add her feel, emotions and love in my veg dishes and luckily I have won the affinity of my beloved one's like she does! Today I am going to please you all with this yummy thick and immensely nutritive recipe assembled from fresh and beautiful vivid veggies. We call it Pav Bhaji as the bhaji meaning the mashed vegetable curry ideally gets served with absolute amount of Amul butter and ladle out hot without failing to miss the amount of embellishments like flavorful cilantro, crunchy onions and little cof lemon juice all over the top, this recipe goes amazingly well with pav meaning bread.