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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fresh Cocktail Fruit Trifle

Desserts featured with chilled custards, deep creamy and heavy with vine fruits or soft sweet ones with delicate arrangements, we both love a little cream or custard to mellow the heat and sweet. In India, my quondam home, December is always a wedding season, so alongside the delicious meal are trays of my favorite desserts and kulfi-falooda’s. Gulab jamun is made by merging Khoya and grated paneer, these are particular to the sub-continent, we always prefer to eat the generous bowlful from the status restaurant but I think mama makes the best! 

I always like succulent gulab jamun to be with a perfect balance of sugar, so mama wins this sweet recipe by frying the round shaped balls until they are crisp and darker in color, It gets better and better once it is dipped into an ambrosial sugary syrup or chasni. Believe me its the easy to go in one shot juicy, sweet that will just melt in your mouth like never before. Mama sometimes makes them in a round or cylindrical shapes and as it is time consuming it makes sense to make a larger batch, neatly packed in a jar and later kept refrigerated to keep through the winter. It takes several hours to make it, but it is truly worth it!

Dada would bring fresh sweets or desserts every day to satisfy our sugar craving after supper! As Gujarati and sweets are inseparable, it's a habit to end our day with yummy desserts or sweet goodies, work has almost occupied my time and hence I am not able to make any sort of Indian sweets frequently due to its lengthy cooking procedures, but how do I manage to replace my sweet cravings and satisfy my husbands needs! Well the answer to this is quick and easy to make fruit trifle. We all have a fruit tin pack lying in our refrigerator so all I need to do is make custard and jellies and layer them together for a delicious fruit trifle recipe that fulfills my uninvited sweet cravings. Eating so much sugar every time of day is bad, but eating a little of what you fancy won’t hurt you. This tempting colorful dessert is healthy, tasty and amazing blend of different layers. Try this and comment if you loved digging your spoons again and again. But don't forget to share your big bowl of dessert with your loved ones!

Fruit Trifle

How To Make Fruit Trifle Recipe With Custard And Jelly

Preparation Time: 30-40 minutes
Serves: 2 persons

1 pack of any vanilla flavored cake, I have used swiss roll
1 pack of mixed fruit tin or 1 bowl of mix chopped fruits
1 cup of any colored jelly, I have used mango flavored jelly
1 bowl of strawberry custard, any flavor of your choice
1 cup of whipped cream, I have used ready made one’s
1/2 cup sugar syrup
2 tablespoons of toasted almond slices


  • Let's start with jelly preparation - In a saucepan, boil 400 ml water and mix 80g of mango jelly powder, stir the mixture continuously until jelly crystals are dissolved. Pour the complete mixture on a plate or mould and allow it to cool for 30 minutes. Later refrigerate the jelly for about 1 hour until set properly.
  • With the help of a knife, loosen the sides of the jelly and slice it into cube shape.
  • For Custard recipe, click here, you can use any flavor of custard powder as per your choice. Follow the step till 4th bullet.
  • Let's start arranging! – In a serving dish, spread swiss roll all over its base, drizzle gentle amount of sugar syrup all over the swiss roll so that it absorbs its sweetness easily, add a layer of cubed jelly, whipped cream, almond flakes, custard and mixed fruits. You can also add walnuts if you want.
  • Add another layer of custard, cubed jellies and garnish with fruits, refrigerate and serve chilled.
Another easy dessert recipe fruit trifle is ready to serve, Enjoy digging!

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